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Stefania Scamardi Fortuna (Messina, Italy. 1979)

Degree in architecture at the University of Venice (IUAV. 2004) in 2010 obtained the Master of Architecture and Heritage at the University of Seville and the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH).

Researcher recognized at European level in the field of social photography, since 2005 works from Spain, Italy, Morocco and England with public administrations and Universities conducting and publishing photographic projects to raise awareness of the study and the transformation of territories and vulnerable habitat in the area of ​​International and local Cooperation.

All her works are intended to promote knowledge of urban community settings linked to good practices of living and endowed with poor visibility or stigmatized.

The works and collaborations arise from the need to create new graphics trends committed to the values ​​and riches of territorial and cultural contexts of the Mediterranean.

Since 2009 to date conducted by the photographic project "Portraits & Self-Esteem: good photographic sessions for self-esteem." The work presented in the competition "Landscape of the Body" belongs to this research, in particular the project "Holy Butterflies": an investigation into the construction and / or the meeting and acceptance of our gender identity and expression thereof is say our bodies evolving.